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LKN Cambodia Co Ltd has been established since 2003 to provide international education consultancy to Cambodian parents and students who would like to pursue their study abroad in various countries such as Australia, Canada, Malaysia, USA, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Ireland, China, India, Italy, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland.

Cities in Switzerland


Montreux is a municipality in the district of Riviera Pays-dÉnhaut in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. It is located on Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps and has a population, as of December 2011, of 25,199 and nearly 90,000 in the agglomeration. The earliest settlement was a Late Bronze Age village at Baugy. Montreux lies on the north east shore of Lake Geneva at the fork in the Roman road from Italy over the Simplon Pass, where the roads to the Roman capital of Aventicum and the road into Gaul through Besancon separated. This made it an important settlement in the Roman era. A Roman villa from the 2nd-4th centuries and a 6th-7th century cemetery have been discovered.



Lenk im Simmental (or Simply Lenk) is a municipality in the Obersimmental-Saanen administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. Lenk is first mentioned in 1370 as an der leng. The municipality split from the neighboring St.Stephan in 1504-1505. In 1522 it achieved its sovereignty in the canton of Bern. in 1529 it experienced the Reformation, and had to protect itself against the Catholic Valais. In 1878 it suffered a devastating fire. Lenk im Simmental has an area, as of 2009, of 123.05km2 (47.51 Sq mi). of this area, 44.82Km2 (17.31 Sq mi) or 36.4% is used for agricultural purposes.



Why Lucerne?

Lucerne is a true international tourist destination and is the most visited city in Switzerland. It is situated on the shores of Lake Lucerne, right in the centre of Switzerland and at the scenic heart of the central Swiss Alps and the famous Pilatus mountain. The Lucerne region was voted the best quality of life region in Switzerland.

Lucerne is situated on the most important route between north and south, and connected with the Swiss train network in six directions. It is strategically located for easy access via air, road and rail for travel to major European destinations just such as Milan, Frankfurt, Paris, or Vienna.