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Lenk im Simmental (or Simply Lenk) is a municipality in the Obersimmental-Saanen administrative district in the canton of Bern in Switzerland. Lenk is first mentioned in 1370 as an der leng. The municipality split from the neighboring St.Stephan in 1504-1505. In 1522 it achieved its sovereignty in the canton of Bern. in 1529 it experienced the Reformation, and had to protect itself against the Catholic Valais. In 1878 it suffered a devastating fire. Lenk im Simmental has an area, as of 2009, of 123.05km2 (47.51 Sq mi). of this area, 44.82Km2 (17.31 Sq mi) or 36.4% is used for agricultural purposes.

Schools in Lenk

1. Swiss College of Hospitality Management - LENK


Swiss College of Hospitality Management -Lenk.

Lenk City, Switzerland.

Program Available:

- English

- Hospitality and Hotel Management.

- Diploma, Advanced diploma and Bachelor degree.

- Master degree.

- Six months study and six month work.

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