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Edmonton has three publicly funded school boards (districts) that provide kindergarten and grades 1–12. The vast majority of students attend schools in the two large English language boards: Edmonton Public Schools, and the separate Edmonton Catholic School District. Also, since 1994, the Francophone minority community has had their own school board based in Edmonton, the Greater North Central Francophone Education Region No. 2, which includes surrounding communities. The city also has a number of public charter schools that are independent of any board. All three school boards and public charter schools are funded through provincial grants and property taxes.

Schools in Edmonton_Alberta

1. Edmonton Catholics School

Edmonton Catholics School

12050, 95A Street, Edmonton AB Canada

Progam Available:

  • Alberta High School Certificate
  • ESL programming for all grade levels as needed
  • Customized Short Term Programs
  • University Preparation or 4th Year Program
  • Focus programs in International Baccalaureate Program (IB), International and Second Language Programs, All Girls Leadership Academy, Fine Arts, Sports and Science Academies
  • Superb International Student Program

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