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Known by many as a city in motion, you’ll be awed by the contradictions and contrast of past and present that shape Beijing. Discover the treasures of the Temple of Heaven, take a calligraphy class or just relax in the imperial gardens of Beihai Park. EF Beijing is nestled in a central, but quiet neighborhood, perfect for studying and then heading into the city to practice your skills.

Schools in Beijing

1. EF International Language School

EF International Language School

Beijing Campus

Academic Programs
. EF Intensive Program
. EF General Program
. EF Exam Preparation: Hanyu Shipping Kaoshi (HSK)
. EF Multi-Language Year
. SPIN class examples:
- Calligraphy
- Martial Arts
- Tourism
- Business
- Cooking
- Music
- Newspaper Reading
For additional information please contact our local representative office: LKN Cambodia Co Ltd.

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