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English Test

The ELS Language Centers Pre-Arrival Test!

English Test

English Standard for entry into a normal college or university abroad:

The ELS Language Centers Pre-Arrival Test!

If you're finally ready to take that big step of studying English in the United States of America, the PAT will point the way!

What is the PAT?

The Pre-Arrival Test is an on-line English exam that evaluates your skills in listening, grammer, speaking and writing, PAT ranks your proficiency from Beginner to Advanced levels. Whether you studied English years ago or recently, the PAT can tell you how well you can use and understand the language now. Best of all, the test is simple and takes only 50-60 minutes to complete. The cost is $35, which you will pay when you register for the test.

When you enroll for your third session at your ELS Language Center, you can either receive a refund in that amount or have it applied to your tuition.

How is the PAT information useful?

Once you know your proficiency level, you will know how much time you will need to reach your goals! For example, you may just want to be more comfortable speaking English, or you may want to be fluent enough to enter an American university, your time with ELS depends on where your skills are now and what you want to do with them.

For example:
Your PAT Result Time needed to reach general proficiency for work and conversation (109) Time needed to qualify for admission to universities in the ELS cooperative network*
Low Beginning (101) 9-10 months 12-13 months
Beginning (102-103) 7-8 months 10-11 months
Low Intermediate (104) 6 months 9 months
Intermediate (105-106) 4-5 months 7-8 months
Low Advanced (107) 3 months 6 months
Advanced (108-109) 1-2 months 4-5 months
* Graduation from ELS 112 meets the language proficiency requirement of over 650 American colleges and universities, in place of TOEFEL and other standardized tests.

What else?

At ELS, you need at least a low-advanced level to take several unique special courses. PAT tells you in advance if you qualify to take them.Special courses for advanced students include:

  • Low advanced: the complete Prep Program for the TOEFL iBT, which provides your own seating for the real TOEFL iBT test after completion of a 3-session period of study
  • Low advanced: the Business English program, which offers many opportunities for discussing true case studies and for developing oral presentations
  • Low to high advanced: University Certificate Programs, created together with local universities at specific ELS locations

The ELS brochure has information on the locations for these programs, and your agent will also be able to help you. Ready for the PAT? The PAT gets you ready-for wherever you want to go with your English skills, See your agent to schedule a PAT session at your convenience.